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284 Harvesting energy from wireless signals to power 3D printed IoT device upndown 3d public 2019-02-07 93
283 University Hospital Basel enhances patient care with axial3D medical 3D printing platform upndown 3d public 2019-01-24 87
282 HP says it will restrict its 3D printers ability to make ghost guns upndown 3d public 2019-01-23 85
281 Researchers mimic lattice structures to create stronger 3D printed meta-crystal materials upndown 3d public 2019-01-21 85
280 Carbon and Ford partner to 3D print new durable end-use parts upndown 3d public 2019-01-18 94
279 gCreate releases redesigned and larger gMax 2 3D printer upndown 3d public 2019-01-17 81
278 200 million years old sea monster skull reproduced with 3D printing upndown 3d public 2019-01-11 99
277 Spanish researchers 3D bioprint functional muscle tissues for soft robotics upndown 3d public 2019-01-04 98
276 Saudi Arabia 3D prints a house in two days upndown 3d public 2019-01-03 104
275 KAIST & Harvard researchers 3D print shape-conformable batteries for wearables upndown 3d public 2018-12-31 95