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Carbon releases SpeedCell 3D printing system for industrial scale additive manufacturing
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Carbon releases SpeedCell 3D printing system for industrial scale additive manufacturing

Mar 16, 2017 | From 3ders

Silicon Valley-based startup Carbon, manufacturers of continuous liquid interface production (CLIP) 3D printers, today released SpeedCell, a system of connected manufacturing unit operations that enables repeatable production of end-use CLIP parts at any scale.

Smart Part Washer [left], M2 3D Printer [middle], M1 3D Printer [right]

The SpeedCell includes two brand new hardware components — the robust, industrial-grade M2 3D printer and the Smart Part Washer that enables optimal cleaning and easy finishing of parts.

With a build volume measuring 7.5” x 4.6” x 12.8” (191mm x 117 mm x 325mm), which is twice the build volume of the M1 (5.6” x 3.1” x 12.8” / 142mm x 79mm x 325mm), the M2 enables the printing of larger parts or more parts per build, with the same high resolution pixels (75 µm) and isotropic prints as Carbon’s pioneering M1 printer.

The Smart Part Washer automates repeatable part washing and is network connected to the M-Series 3D printers to optimize the washing process, the next step in the additive manufacturing process. SpeedCell also features multiple Carbon Connectors, which enable hardware extensibility to support additional system capabilities in the future. 


According to Carbon CEO and cofounder Joseph M. DeSimone, the introduction of SpeedCell is in direct response to the needs of Carbon’s customers and strategic partners, including BMW Group and General Electric. “For our customers, this means that their product development cycles no longer need to include the antiquated traditional manufacturing process steps of designing, prototyping, tooling, and then production. Instead, products can be designed and engineered on a platform that is also the means of production, eliminating prototyping and tooling steps. This dis-intermediation is at the core of Carbon’s role in accelerating the much-anticipated digital revolution in manufacturing,” he said.

At launch, Carbon will offer SpeedCell in the following configurations:

  • Design SpeedCell couples one M Series 3D printer with a Smart Part Washer

  • Production SpeedCell, specifically designed for industrial manufacturing applications, pairs multiple production floor compatible M2 3D printers with a Smart Part Washer.

UPS, in partnership with 3D printing service providers Fast Radius, is a new Carbon customer and one of Carbon’s SpeedCell launch partners. “In partnership with Fast Radius, we can immediately leverage the SpeedCell capabilities to provide our customers with on-demand products and inventory in a scalable and cost-effective way.” said Alan Amling, UPS Corporate Strategy Vice President.

The M2 is available on a subscription-based service. The basic subscription price for a single machine is USD$50,000 per year (Minimum term: 3 years), while the M1 is available at a rate $40,000 per year. The Smart Part Washer is available for $10,000 per year, also on a subscription based service.

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