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Keyed Heart Gears Keychain

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Tired of getting your finger caught in the workings of CrazyJaw's excellent Micro Gear Heart Keychain? I know I was. It's a great thing keep around to show people how cool 3D printed stuff is but it's a bit hard to use. That's why I modified the design and added a key and a place to hold it while you turn. The effect is... effective.
UPDATE Added plates and half plates for the shorter pins. Apparently I was using the longer pins. They worked for me, but were admittedly a bit loose.
UPDATE 2 The new "8" piece (the one at the bottom) did not have enough taken off the bottom so the key would "pop" as it went pass making the turning stiff. If you have already printed one a few cuts with a blade will fix it. If you haven't use the V1.2 files.
Key added and keyless plate for people who want to print the key at 100% infill.
Print a set of pins at 100% infill. (If you have dual extruders you can use the half set and use /thing:24195 to double your output.)
Print the parts with a lower infill if you'd like. You can print the whole set at once using the full plate or just print the new bits to modify your existing Micro Heart Gears Keychain.

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Keyed Heart Gears Keychain