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Cymon Fully Posable Robot Toy

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EDIT: New version, smaller, easier to print, without need of a screen available on Pinshape:https://pinshape.com/items/836-3d-printed-cymon-cybot-posable-robot-toy and his cheaper, more generic brother Cybot: https://pinshape.com/items/819-3d-printed-modular-cybot-toy
Cymon is a robot built from old computer parts and future robot part. Cymon is the mascot of Cymon's Games and Cymon's 3D Designs (http://cymonsdesigns.blogspot.com). This toy has 18 points of articulation and doesn't require any additional parts. The innovative joints assemble easily and hold tight enough for the toy to be completely posable.
This build is designed to have a cheap keychain screen in the monitor, of a brand that doesn't seem to be around any more. So a 3D printed replacement has been included so your robot can be complete.

All parts print without supports by design, but some small parts might benefit from supports. Print the screen insert in black. It may be able to print at 50% size if you want to save material.
Place the screen insert into the face and snap on to the head. Put the camera on top. Insert the 4 pegs into the body and snap the head on top. Joint the arms to the elbows to the hands and snap on the shoulders. Put the feet into the ankles into the thighs and attach at the hips.
Pose and play.

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Cymon Fully Posable Robot Toy