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Squirrel Squabble 3D PnP board game

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Squirrel Squabble is a 2 player print-and-play board game by Rebecca Bissell. 2 players choose their moves that they'll play against each other to try to collect 5 acorns and return home. Mud pits and bulldog will bar the way and you can squabble with your opponent to try to steal their acorns.
This edition enhances the game with original 3D printable elements. Rules are included in PDF form. Recommend booklet printing and cutting the Action Cards into separate cards for the players.

? Print 10 copies of SSAcorns.stl in a neutral color.
? Print SSTiles.stl in a neutral color.
? Glue the tops and bottoms of the SSTiles base-to-base to make 7 tiles.
? Print Squirrel1Base.stl in one color.
? Print Squirrel2Base.stl in another color.
? Print 2 copies of SSTileHome.stl, one in each squirrel color.
? Print SSCoins.stl twice, one in each squirrel color or print the coins individually.
The SSCaseBodyOpen.stl and SSCaseLid.stl are an optional case to hold the pieces and acorns in.
The tiles and coins can be enhanced by changing filament colors at specific points in the print.
? Change filament when printing SStiles.stl (except the home) at a little over 0.5mm, from a darker color (for the mud) to a lighter color.
? Change the SSTileHome.stl at 4.5mm or higher from a neutral color to the squirrel's color.
? Change the coins at at little under 0.5mm and a little over 2mm from the squirrel's color to a complimenting color to improve readability.
If printing the booklet version of the rules (recommended):
? Print SquirrelSquabble3DRulesBooklet.pdf double sided on a single piece of paper.
? Cut the paper in half the long way.
? Fold the top (with pages 1/2 and 5/6) in half with 1 and 6 on the outside.
Put the bottom half of the page in it so the 3/4 page in between page 2 and 5 and the cards is sticking out.
? Then staple the booklet together.
? Cut the edges of the booklet to make it even all around and separate the cards.
? Then cut out the Action Cards and use them in the game.
See photographic illustration.

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Squirrel Squabble 3D PnP board game