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Tidy up your shower with Face Cloth ...

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If your current has suction cup hooks (which are prone to falling off) in your shower to hang up face cloths etc. and don't like the way they look or how wet they stay between showers then this will be of interest...
The Face Cloth Holder is a simple bracket and holder (threaded bolt part) that secures by gently tightening it onto your shower door or shower frame/glass wall.
Once installed just fold your face cloth in half and drape it over the holder...
If you install Face Cloth Holders on the shower door they open out with the door making access for changing them easier than having to reach/walk into the shower.
Just a simple solution to tidy up your shower area...
This has been designed to fit over glass doors and shower frames up to 14mm across. If you want to fit it over a wider frame you should be able to uniformly scale it up to the required size.
Alternatively, if you need a bracket to fit a wider shower frame download the "Wide" file version which will fit over a 20mm frame. .
Note: If you like this check out my other designs!


This is an easy print but use 4 or 5 shells and 50% fill as it has a male/female threaded parts and needs to be strong enough to support mild tightening and also a small amount of weight.
Print at standard / 0.20mm resolution with Raft but no support required. It should screw together fairly easily straight away with a well set up machine however the thread will loosen further with use (not that you will need to change it once installed).

by upndownpub muzz, published May 24, 2015

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Tidy up your shower with Face Cloth Holders...