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A Print-in-Place Battleship with Gun Turrets that rotate once broken free after printing. At standard size the Battleship is 11cm long. They print in approx. 90 minutes on a Replicator 2 and 2 hours on a 5th Generation Replicator (Uses 24gm of filament).
This print has been tested on a Replicator 2 / 5th Generation Replicator and Z18 so should print well on most machines with PLA and a filament fan. Getting a great result with ABS may be more challenging due to to the low angle of the gun barrels (60 degrees from vertical... PLA machines with a filament fan can print out on more extreme angles than machines with ABS and/or no filament fan). .
However, the fine clearances required may also be a challenge for other machines/slicing applications. If your prints are stuck together and the Gun Turrets will not free to spin/rotate after gently wriggling them from side to side to break them free, try increasing the scale uniformly as this will increase the internal clearances.
Print-in-Place models are popular because they are a one piece print with moving parts that are built inside each other. This is another great example... print one or a whole fleet!

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As this has internal moving parts that need to be strong I recommend using 4 shells and 30% fill as a minimum. Use Raft but No Support is required.
On a well set up/accurate machine the Gun Turrets should break away relatively easily by pushing/wriggling them from side to side until they crack free. Twist/rotate a few times until they rotate freely.
If the Gun Turrets do not break free increase the scale uniformly by a few 3 - 5% which will increase the internal clearances.
In summary this prints well as follows:
PLA / Raft / 0.20 Std. Resolution / 4 Shells / 30% infill / No Support

by upndownpub muzz, published Aug 15, 2015

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BATTLESHIPS - with Rotating Gun Turrets (No support required)