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Wat Pho Temple - Thailand

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See The World! The Wat Pho Temple
is one of the most important in Thailand, it is located in Bangkok next to the Grand Palace. It houses a 46m long Reclining Buddha and the biggest collection of Buddha statues of the country, all of them covered in gold leaf.

I had the opportunity to visit it and was blown away by its beauty. This is my entry for the #SeeTheWorld contest and homage to Thailand, its people and culture!
I studied and sketched the general geometric shapes; the location of each building in relation to each other, and the intricate details of the architecture. Aerial pictures, tourist maps and even Google Maps were very helpful to understand each model to be made.
I used a parametric software to model from scratch. I started with the vihara (blue roof), and then modified its dimensions to create the ubosot (central building). 3 of the 4 chedis are the exact same. The rest was easy but tedious work of extreme detail because of the shapes of roofs. Many buildings repeat so what you see here is an assembly.


Back in April 2015 I made one of the best trips of my life, I visited Thailand and Wat Pho. Its similarity to Mexico shocked me! I felt strangely at home. The beauty and style of the architecture haunts me, so I started modeling one temple, then another, and ended up doing the entire complex.
This is my gratitude to Thai people and culture - it’s a delight to share it with the world!
The idea of MiniWorld originated from a visually-impaired friend who asked me if I could use 3D printing to help her and others "see" the world - with miniature models, they can understand shapes and sizes of the most famous landmarks and travel with their hands.
This set contains 13 models - the entire temple grounds!
All my things I model myself by hand and brain, please give credit. It's all about spreading culture!
by MiniWorld, published Aug 9, 2015

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Wat Pho Temple - Thailand