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Minion from stone age model_2

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If you have watched the film 'Despicable Me', you may have noticed a couple of small yellow characters on screen.
Who are these creatures? I hear you ask. After hours of research here at My Mini Factory, we have discovered that they are infact called 'Minions'.

This is the Minion Bob from stone age.

*This model has been painted and re-sized from my Minion Chess design. Enjoy!

- Printing Details -
Print at 0.2 mm layer height, with 10% infill. This uses 22 grams of filament and takes 155 minutes.

Time to do - 120 - 160 minutes
Material Quantity - 22 grams
Dimensions - 50mm x 50mm x 75mm
Complexity - Medium
Category - Toys & Games Fan Art Kids-Toys TV & Movies

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Minion from stone age model_2