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Hearthstone Exorcism!

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From 2D to 3D designed and 3D printed card inspired by the winner of the Hearthpwn Forum "The Winter Unveiling" Card Design Competition!

Congrats to "Exorcism" by FlavioRFS!

Amazing project done in partnership with Hearthpwn!

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- Welcome to the finale of our Winter Unveiling card design competition! This will be the first ever HearthPwn card design competition to present the winner with a physical prize, and we’d like to again thank My Mini Factory for presenting us with this amazing opportunity. As a reminder, the world’s largest curated 3D printing platform will be sending the winner a Custom 3D-Printed model of their winning card, built by amazing My Mini Factory community members RicSal and 3DNA. Check out this Spoiler to find out more about the Grand Prize and about My Mini Factory:

- Printing Details -

Time to do - 410 - 430 minutes
Dimensions - 103 x 130 x 61 mm
Technology - FDM
Category - Fan Art, Video Games

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Hearthstone Exorcism!