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Dishwasher Rack Locks

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Many modern dishwashers feature fold-down racks. They're great when you want to place something big in a space but can also be very annoying when they fall down due to the shape of some items placed into the rack and/or the standard locking clips being too weak so they unclip with next to no pressure applied.

The 'Dishwasher Rack Locks' are a quick and easy solution that should suit most dishwashers and width racks. They were designed to fit a Westinghouse but most other brands use very similar rack configurations.

The 'Dishwasher Rack Locks' have a range of holes on each side to make them fit the width of most racks. Just slide them on so the rack is locked in an upright position.... no more collapsing lines of dishes.

The environment inside a dishwasher is relatively toxic however the durability of this print, when printed according to recommended settings, has not noticeably deteriorated in the 8 weeks since these were installed. However, after the first few uses there may be some minor deformation due to the heat then they seem to 'stabilize' and just become a part of the dishwasher... leave them in place most of the time but remove them in a matter of seconds when you want the rack/s down for large items.

Not the most exciting design ever created but this is a practical thing that addresses what can be an annoying day-to-day issue with many dishwashers.

They need to be printed fairly thick and solid to be strong but do a great job. Refer to the print instructions for additional information.

Note: If you like this check out the rest of my practical and fun designs. .

Rafts: Yes

Supports: No

Resolution: 0.20mm / Standard in PLA

Infill: 3 Shells / 50% minimum to make them strong

Make sure you use at least 3 Shells and 50% infill to withstand the hot/toxic environment inside a dishwasher.

Remove raft and slide into place... easy prints.

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Published Feb 19, 2016

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Dishwasher Rack Locks