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published Nov 25, 2016

Bugz are fun little things that are probably the smallest biting 3D print available... the mouth is springy, opens and closes... and they have teeth. Printed with PLA and at least 25% infill should result in a surprisingly strong bite for such a small creature.

At standard scale Bugz are only 25mm in length, 8mm wide and 11mm tall. This makes them a very small print that takes next to no time and uses less than 2gm of filament including a Raft. Perfect for using off a small amount of filament at the end of a spool.

Bugs are fun things to have around but can also be used for practical applications including use as a peg, clip or bookmark and more. Print lots for yourself (in a range of colors) and great as very small gifts.

Also check out my other similar designs:

'Sharkz' 'Piranhaz' 'Z-REX' 'Ratz' 'Crocz' 'Woodpeckerz' 'Eablez' 'Catz' 'Scorpionz'

Please refer to the print settings and images for additional information. And, post photos of your Bugz for others to see...

Note: If you like this check out the rest of my fun and practical designs.



Printing Details

Rafts: No

Supports: No

Resolution: Standard / 0.20mm

Infill: PLA / 2 Shells / 25% or more infill (to ensure a strong bite)


Easy prints.... use high infill to increase the strength of the bite. Do not scale down otherwise the mouth may fuse shut and not move.

Post Printing

Bugz are easy...

Remove the Raft if used then your Bugz should be ready to bite and clip onto all sorts of things...


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