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Spinning Stand

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The Spinning Stand is a configurable, practical, unique and fun way to store and/or display all sorts of things. You can custom configure Spinning Stands to suit your needs. There is a range that includes bases, extensions, hangers, trays and a cap that lets you create the ideal system to store things like rings, earrings, chains, bracelets, watches, key rings, cables, small parts and much more... and of course the hangers and trays will all spin freely around the centre stem.

The range includes the following components for configuration:

Base - Two options. One includes a sleeve to take a hanger or tray (80mm to base of hanger). Use the type without a sleeve (90mm tall stem) if you need a lot of height before hanging the first item... you will need to add an extension to further increase the height and add hangers or trays

Extensions - Each extension is half the height of the corresponding base part. One is a simple straight extension (45mm tall) and the other has an extension (35mm) plus a sleeve to accept either a hanger or tray. Add as many as you want to achieve the heights / spacing required.

Cap - Only one required to cap off your Spinning Stand

Hangers - A range of hangers with 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 arms is provided. These spin on the sleeve designed into the spinning base and spinning extension files... they work together.

Trays - The trays are small and intended as a place to store small things. The total diameter of the storage surface within each tray is approx. 60mm (with the 13mm shaft up the centre). The trays are ideal for rings, earrings, fine chains, small parts etc.

This is a useful stand that can be readily added to as/when needs change. Just print more extensions / hangers / trays to suit. Adding in height makes it a space saving design. Great to use yourself as a storage solution but equally as good as a gift (...and you can make 'expansion kits' as future gifts!).

Please refer to the images and print instructions for additional information.... and post images of your Spinning Stands in use for others to see.

Note: If you like this check out the rest of my practical and fun designs.

Printing Details

Printer Brand:




MakerBot Replicator+









Standard / 0.20mm



20% infill / 2 Shells / PLA




Easy prints. Raft recommended particularly for the extensions to ensure they cannot move during printing. Printed on a well set up machine, all parts should fit /screw together straight off the build plate.

Post Printing

Assemble your Spinning Stand to suit your needs...

If your hangers or trays don't spin freely post printing you can sand / file the spinning surface (refer images) to increase clearance as required. Using some light silicone spray will also help the parts spin freely.


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Spinning Stand