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Earphone Guys!

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Earphone Standz provide a practical, fun and very cool way to tidy up your earphones. No more messy cables lying around with these little guys to take care of them. Great as a gift or for your own use at home or traveling. Two versions are provided... one is a guy wearing sunglasses and the other an alien... just for fun!

The concept is very simple and can be done in a matter of seconds...

insert the earpieces into the holes in the side of the Earphone Standz by pushing back the hand/arm (which should be springy when well printed) slightly then winding the cables on as per the images provided. There is a 'best way' to wind the cables on so they are neat, tidy and there is no risk of damage. The cable is then secured by pushing the end piece into one of the slots on the back. These slots have small notches to trap the cable enough to stop it falling out.

The Earphone Standz will work with most earphones / earbuds / in-ear headphones with an earpiece up to 17mm in diameter. However, they will even work with some odd shaped earpieces by inserting them slightly rotated (i.e. not straight into the side holes). In the event your earphones are slightly bigger than the 17mm holes provided the design can be scaled up to suit.

Print one for yourself in your choice of colors or use them as fun small gifts. They're sure to be popular with almost anyone who regularly uses earphones.

This is a quick and easy print. The only complicating factor is pausing your machine to change the filament color as soon as you see the eyes and mouth building above the top layer on the face. Alternatively, the same effect can be achieved by applying a dab of paint to these small areas.

Please refer to the print settings and images for additional information. And, make sure you post images of your Earphone Standz in use for other members to see.

Note: If you like this check out the rest of my fun and practical designs!

Printing Details

Printer Brand:




MakerBot Replicator+









Standard / 0.20mm



PLA / 2 Shells / 20% or more infill to make the hands / arms strong and springy.




Easy prints...

Pause you machine and change the filament color as soon as just the eyes are mouth are all that is left to print (refer images). Alternatively a couple of careful dabs of paint will color the raised eyes and mouth well.... it's easy!

Post Printing

Ready to use!

The earphone stands should be ready to use straight off the build plate... just insert the earphones as shown in the images then wind on the cable and secure across the back. Really quick, easy and fun earphone storage... no more messy cables lying around!


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