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Extendable Modular Tube Container

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A truly modular storage solution in a tube. You can custom configure it's length and the amount of storage per cavity inside. You can create one long tube of have it divided up into small segments to securely store small things separately from other items in different compartments.... but all within the same tube.

There are just five components but you can make a storage tube as long as you want by combining the parts to suit. The parts are as follows:

Male Cap: The male end cap. This is very shallow so treat it as a cap to your tube.

Female Cap: Two versions are provided. The standard cap has an internal height / space of approx. 25mm. The Tall version has an internal height / space of 40mm.

Centre Section Hollow: This part acts as a spacer / tube extension approx. 50mm in length.

Centre Section Divider: This part has a base that acts as a divider. The internal storage height / space is approx. 48mm.

By combining the above components you can create a tubular storage solution to suit your needs... make it long and hollow or just a simple short container... and add divisions that keeps small items separate and can be accessed individually. Practical and versatile storage for small things...

Print parts to suit your needs and use different colours to identify sections / contents within your Extendable Tube Container. Colour coding makes it easy to find and access the items / section required while all other sections remain closed / sealed.

Please refer to the print settings and images for additional information. And, post images of your Extendable Tube Containers for other members to see.

Note: If you like this check out the rest of my fun and practical designs.

Printing Details

Printer Brand:




MakerBot Replicator+



Doesn't Matter






Standard / 0.20mm



PLA / 2 Shells / 20% or greater




Easy prints... use higher than standard infill to ensure the prints are strong and durable.

Post Printing

Nothing to do... just print then screw together and your tubular storage solution is ready to use.

Refer to the images and use a quick spray of silicone to make the threads turn really smoothly... dry PLA tends not to bind so surfaces do not run smoothly passed each other.


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Extendable Modular Tube Container