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Open freight car 1:32 scale gauge 1

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Open freight car 1:32 scale

The platform is 230mm long, 262mm between the buffers.

Axle holders are made to fit 3mm shaft. which means that the LGB's wheels and equivalent will fit in these. On these carriers i have done attachment for standard couplers such as LGB and equivalent.

I have little experience of moving axles, but I have been testing it this winter, and it seems to work well. But you need something that keeps the wheels more or less parallel to the tracks.So I have tried with this variant, with a holder in the middle and straps in plastic (such you get post packets wrapped with) it has worked well so far. The holder has two holes of different width to fit the a suitable screw you have available at home.

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The wheels is pushed down into the shaft holder with heavy pressure. first check that the shaft fits into the hole from the side. To check that the shaft will roll easily. if not, then fila out the hole a little bit. To wheel axle have i used polished 3 mm round steel. The wheel holder fixing screw about 3 to 4 mm.

The little black square on the left long side is a destination container. you can have it on if you want, otherwise skip it. It can be glued to the carriage. roughly as shown in the photo


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Open freight car 1:32 scale gauge 1