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H0 tank car

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tank cars in scale H0.

The idea of this wagon is to get a nice little tank car on the tracks.

For a very low cost per wagon.

Printing Details






Normal 0,2




printed in ABS . PLA will of course also work

I like the ABS because it is glued so easy with acetone

wheel axle mounting, depending on which wheels are used.

The wheels of the axle is pressed lightly in the wheel axle holder,

You should try things out.

I have used 2mm silver steel shafts. but you can use what you have at

home in the junk box. As long as the diameter is around 2 mm.

The wheels are printed with 0.1mm layer and low speed

To get a smooth run on the wheels, i turned it lightly on the wheel surface.

it is also possible to put a wheel on a drill and a file smooth surface.if needed

Parts belonging to the cistern is glued. Cistern glued or screwed to the cart. couplers is attached with a screw

Petrol company logos. These have I written out with laser printers. and glued on

Some drilling may be required for the wheels axle hole. and the chassis for the buffers

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H0 tank car