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US Western locomotive 1_scale 1:32

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This is a model that is inspired by various Western locomotive models. it is a working motorized model. see the film here


I have used the LGB motor with worm gear at both ends, see pictures last in line

At first I thought to have Led in the lantern. Then I found small bulbs for 18-24 V, which gives an old impression of light.

I have attached a PDF that you can twist and turn the Locomotive, in Adobe Reader

Locomotive's length from the rear cab edge to cow catcher tip is 330mm

Loco Tender you will find at this link


Printing Details

The locomotive have i printed in a Replicator 2x with default settings. Both ABS and PLA, prefer ABS in certain situations where it is easy to glue with acetone. Suggests that the axes printed in ABS and Acetone glued.

The shaft, these are supposed to be round, therefore, should it be lathed for you who has one.

Otherwise, put the shaft in a drill, sand it reasonably round

I have been using small screws to put together the model.see the pictures.

To side rod I used 4mm machine screw.

The hole in the wheels is threaded with a 4mm threaded pin.

Do not do the whole screw hole, without save a little at the end

so that the screw locking.

otherwise it will be be unscrewed when you run the locomotive.

to the Handrails, I took 2mm brass tube, bell I found in a hobby shop made of brass

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US Western locomotive 1_scale 1:32