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Motorized, Rocket 1:32 train(1:32, O...

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The Rocket trains, now equipped with a motor and gear. Have made modifications to the model so it fits this propulsion. Engine and transmission is complete and comes from, Velleman, Gearbox KNS7.

The complete model of the Rocket can be found here.



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Motor part. on the plate sits a fixed wing on each side, It shall be removed. I sanded it down with motor slip. Once that's done solder the wires on the electric motor.

Select ratio 1:60. The long shaft should be cut to 62mm length (Driving wheel axle)

Press down on the bracket, as the pictures show. Select the appropriate battery type. should be put in the barrel to give the locomotive a little weight. install a switch between the battery and motor. And maybe some type of speed control, I noticed that they only fit 3 AA baterier.

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Motorized, Rocket 1:32 train(1:32, OpenRailway)