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Stephenson Rocket 1:32 train (1:32, ...

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This is a building kit of the locomotive Rocket from 1829.

It is a model that you rarely see on the model railway. would be nice to have one in my garden railroad. Which I now have. www.utj.se

I have printed it on the Replicator 2X ABS.

I do not believe you need a model railway to print this model. It also works well to put on a shelf if you want. Or as a toy.

The model is 25cm long. model is painted with colors corresponding to the model. To see images of the original locomotive, look at the web / Stephenson's Rocket / Images.

Engine instalation for this model available at


Wagon to this locomotive can be found here .


The new covered coach you can find here.


suitable track for this model can be found at


Sleepers suitable for rails


Railway Buffer Stop


Printing Details

Post Printing

This model is designed as a construction kit.

I have used Acetone to glue the parts together.

One of the pictures shows which Stl file belongs to which part of the model.

File No.10 is the only one there I used suport

To assemble the movable parts. you need 4 small screws approximately 10mm long 2 mm

Bracing wires that go from the chimney and down, and the two in the front. Is 1,75mm filament thread.

Pieces to be fitted into each other may be needed sanded with a small file. some holes might be needed drilled

coal and water wagon

Glue the wheels to the axles. Use something that makes the wheels are perpendicular to the axis, as seen in the attached photos. Use tape to hold the wagon sides together while the wheel is put in place. Once these are in place pull together all the walls with tape. Finally, put a rubber band around it all. glue all surfaces that come in contact to each other


Have added a fixture for easier assembly of the wheels on the axles applies to coal cart.


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Stephenson Rocket 1:32 train (1:32, OpenRailway)