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Ball in a cup

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The 1958 FIFA World Cup championship in football was held

in Sweden Stockholm Rasunda. Brazil won the

final against Sweden 5-2

A Swedish petroleum companie gave out this ball in a cup, as a

advertising gadgetst during the football world cup 1958. Felt like it was a perfect thing to print out on the 3D printer 56 years later.

A simple thing that you can have fun with.

Especially as it's World Cup 2014 take place in Brazil this summer. But without Sweden this time.

It is also an excellent thing to give away as a gift.

You can print labels to paste around the cup.

For example, company logo, your website or whatever you want.

Feel free to change this,it is perhaps an idea / inspiration for something else with this ball cup game.. I just wanted to share the idea.


Printing Details

The ball can be printed as a solid ball or in two halves and glued together.

you have to drill a hole in the bottom of the cup.

To get a complete unit you need about 40cm long piece of string. a knot in the bottom of the cup and tie the ball on the string.

Then it's just trying to get the ball into the cup, best of 10 maybe.

Good luck

if you want to make your own, so are the dimensions of the cup.

23mm in diameter and 31mm high. thickness is 1.5 to 2mm

and the ball is 17mm in diameter

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Ball in a cup