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Passenger carriage. Model railroad T...

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Passenger carriage , Train

Gauge 1 scale 1:32

These parts together with the bogie, allows one to get a nice carriage to your garden railroad.

To manufacture a carriage requires, besides the printed parts. Plywood or similar materials and thicker paper, and glue.

The picture shows a test carriage, built with 5mm foamboard. All printed parts have i glued with a glue gun.

I also have chairs, if you want them in the passenger car.

The gates can be opened.

bogie to the carriage, go to


buffers to the carriage, go to


basic building guidance on my website


Printing Details

In my case, I will use 3mm plywood, to the bottom plate.

dimensions 530mm L x 84mm B

The walls are made of cardboard, which I glue thin wooden slats on. As picture shows.

Buffer plank, reinforce the underside of the bottom, with a piece of wood about 6 x6mm. To obtain a larger surface to glue on. as shown on the photograph. And a piece of wood to the boogie. as shown on a picture. for better movement of Boogie. (just one piece, here I have tried myself to find a solution)

The small hinges to the gates, shall be mounted on the gable, can be glued with acetone.

The windows have a groove where you can insert a piece of clear film. in my case clear transparencies, or packaging of a clear plastic.

The shaft for the brake handle, I used a slim skewer.

The roof I do with paper that I glue on to sawn pieces of wood, similar to the gable in shape.

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Passenger carriage. Model railroad Train