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Flip Flops (Jandals / Thongs / Sandals) Stand

Published Feb 24, 2017

This simple little stand organizes your Flip Flops (Jandals / Thongs / Sandals) to keep them tidy and save space by making them stand upright. Once mounted the stand can also be hung up on a hook if required and the Flip Flops will stay secure and held in place... no more messy Flip Flops lying around or taking up more floor space than is necessary.

The stand is easy to use... just slide your Flip Flops into the slots heel down with the soles facing each other. This puts a small amount of pressure between them so they stand upright and stay in place in the stand.

Five versions are provided for different thickness heels ranging from 15mm to 35mm. This should cover most thickness of Flip Flops. Determining the size to print is easy... just measure the thickness of the heel of your Flip Flops and print the size required.

For example:

With a heel thickness of 20mm use the 20mm file and you should have a snug / slight compression when the Flip Flops are inserted into the slots. There will also be tension between the soles that holds the Flip Flops in and secure.

With a heel thickness of 22mm go up to the 25mm file. The heels will be slightly loose in the slots but there will be tension between the soles so the Flip Flops will still be securely held in the stand.

This is an easy-to-use practical and space-saving solution. Print in your colour of choice and color code for different people or pair of Flip Flops so they know the correct stand for the pair concerned. Handy to use yourself but also great as a small gift.

The stands are all quite small so don't take long to print or use much filament. Please post images of your stands in use for others to see.

Please refer to the print settings / instructions and the images for additional information.

Note: If you like this check out the rest of my practical and fun designs.

Printing Details

Rafts: Doesn't Matter

Supports: No

Resolution: Standard / 0.20mm


PLA / 2 Shells / 20 - 40% or more infill

Post Printing

Just add Flip Flops...

Quick and easy to use and a much tidier way to store Flip Flops than leaving them to be kicked all around the floor.


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Flip Flops (Jandals / Thongs / Sandals) Stand